About Us

Our Mission:

To provide safe and creative recreational outlets to the youth in local communities through; soccer camps, service learning initiatives, investing in education about agriculture and sustainability, to encourage youth to gain new opportunities. Ideally, this program will be funded from sponsors and donations to provide opportunities to under-served children in Jamaica. Tuesday’s Humanity endeavors to partner with like-minded organizations to provide access and empowerment within these communities. Utilizing the community and schools in the area to promote sports and educational programs and recruit team coaches and mentors.


Daniele, the founder of Tuesday’s Humanity, started this project in 2014, when she made it her mission to start a humanitarian foundation centered on the idea of sustainability and empowerment of people. The initial goal was to focus on our power as consumers to make a difference in our overall health, quality of life, community, and local economy. Research was done on local farms and healthy products made locally in the state and country, where then the website supplied links to help people living all over the country to find their own local resources.

The project organically took shape after a trip to Jamaica. Daniele continued to spend time on the island, connecting more and more with the people and culture in both the mountain and the beach communities. This brought on a realization that the work of the mission was to begin in Jamaica.

Tuesday’s Humanity Partners

Founder and Executive Director: Daniele Hahn

Operations Manager (JA): Evon Myrie (Buddy)

Assistant Coordinator (JA): Jovane Myrie

Photo credit throughout the website: Elizaveta Popov for Comanche Creek Photography